A cross-country road trip can be the vacation of a lifetime. See the country, visit attractions, hang out with family and friends, and try new foods all while traveling in your RV. Planning ahead helps any adventure to go more smoothly. Here are a few steps to take when planning your cross-country RV trip.

Plan the Route for a Cross-Country RV Trip

If you’re driving across the country, you may already have a few destination points in mind. Map your route to include the places you’d like to visit on the way. Is there a famous restaurant where you’d like to have dinner? Maybe there is a particular roadside attraction on your bucket list. Do you have family or friends you’ll spend time with on your trip? Browse online for National Parks to explore on your journey and ask friends for recommended places to visit.

Create a Budget

When planning a trip cross-country in an RV, you’ll want to budget for your adventure. Of course, fuel costs will factor into your planning. Make a list of other things you’ll need to budget for. Include grocery shopping for RV meals and make some allowance for having dinner out. Budget for campsites and for admission to places you’d like to visit along the way. Plan to spend money on toiletries, toll roads, the laundromat, and souvenirs of your journey.

Know Where You Are Going to Stay

You might prefer a more spontaneous, unplanned adventure instead of a perfectly routed and scheduled road trip. To allow yourself a bit of rest and relaxation during your cross country RV trip, reserve a few places to stay along the way. Without making reservations, you may find that the only campsite for miles is sold out. Once you have an idea of the route you’d like to travel, go ahead a book some nights at RV campsites along the way.

For a Cross-Country Trip, You’ll Want to Pack the Right Equipment

Your travel destinations will help determine what you’ll need to pack for an RV trip. It’s recommended to pack 5 days of clothing for each person. Bring clothing for a nice dinner out and comfortable clothing for long hours in the vehicle.

Be prepared for adventuring. Are you planning to visit a National Park along the way? Don’t forget your hiking boots and socks. If you’re traveling with young children, pack games and books to keep them entertained during the drive. When packing for your trip, here are some other items you’ll want to include.

  • a first aid kit
  • kitchen cookware and utensils
  • bedding and pillows for each traveler
  • toiletries
  • two towels per person
  • maps
  • a tool kit
  • gas can
  • phone chargers
  • basic cleaning supplies
  • a hair dryer

Allow Plenty of Time for a Cross-Country Trip

When planning for a cross-country RV trip, give yourself plenty of time to make the journey. You’ll want a minimum of two weeks to travel coast-to-coast, depending on the stops you’d like to make along the way. Vacation should be low-stress. Don’t rush to jump from attraction to attraction. Budget your time to allow for unexpected issues, like a flat tire, or to allow side trips to visit a museum you learned about along the way.

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