When heading out on an RV road trip, it’s important to have a plan for family meals. Eating out for every meal gets expensive, but you also don’t want to spend all your free time cooking dinners and washing dishes. When RVing, it is necessary to conserve resources like electricity, water, and gas. The RV fridge and pantry spaces are smaller than at home. With all this in mind, we have created this simple guide for RV meal prep.

1. Plan Your Meals in Advance

You will find that RV meal prep is easier when you have organized meals in advance. Proper planning helps you cut back on grocery store trips and having to figure things out on the spot. By planning meals that use the same ingredients and condiments, you save room in the RV’s small fridge. Create a shopping list by preparing for meals one week at a time.

2. Plan Meals that Don’t Require Cooking

Salads and other cold entrees make for refreshing lunches and dinners on a hot summer day. Nuts, hard-boiled eggs, and cold cut meats are items that you can keep on hand to add protein to your meals. Preparing cold meals will save time and your RV’s energy source.

3. Keep RV Meal Prep Simple

When you decide to prepare warm meals, pick simple recipes that you can prepare using one skillet or saucepan. This easy RV meal prep tip cuts down on clean up time and helps you prepare meals more quickly. You have more things you hope to do on your vacation other than cooking and cleaning.

4. Bulk RV Meal Prep

Every few days, make a meal in bulk so you can save the leftovers for meals later in the day or week. For instance, cook a pasta dinner and save extra noodles for pasta salad the next day. Cooking in bulk is a smart way to maximize energy and the available space in your RV’s kitchen and fridge.

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