NRVIA Certified RV Inspector

Todd Mulvahill

RV Inspections in Southern Idaho and  Eastern Oregon

Hands On Approach To RV Inspection

A Helpful, Hands-On Approach

Having grown up in the Northwest, I was taught to help others and that money does not grow on trees. If I thought I needed something, I had to find a way to earn it. From shoveling snow to selling nightcrawlers to buy a bike for myself, I learned the value and importance of hard work. With this in mind, I learned to fix things that don’t work instead of just replacing them. To this day, I enjoy doing things with my hands, and I want everything to work properly.

My Business Background

Having 25 years of owning and operating up to 17 restaurants in the Pacific Northwest, I have learned that treating our employees as family and helping them grow as individuals in their careers has been an amazing reward.  I love helping others succeed.  

I have sat as President of a 110-restaurant co-op for 8 years and served on the advisory board for a National Restaurant chain for over 15 years. This time in the restaurant industry has strengthened my core values and dedication, which transfers to my work as a certified RV Inspector.

Banking Business Approach

My Personal Love for RVs

Our spare time has been spent RVing with our two daughters and many friends in the Pacific Northwest. We have owned almost every type of RV in our attempt to find the perfect one.  We have personal experience with everything from tent trailers, pick-up campers, living quarters horse trailers, and 5th wheels, to our current Super C coach.  We understand that it’s a challenge to find the perfect RV because everyone’s needs are constantly changing.  

5th Wheel RV Inspection

My Personal Love for RVs

Our spare time has been spent RVing and fishing on the Oregon Coast. We have owned almost every type of RV in our attempt to find the perfect one. We have personal experience with everything from a camper to the latest Newmar Dutch Star Class A. We understand that it’s always a challenge to find the right RV because everyone’s needs change over time.

Why I Became an RV Inspector

I have learned that I was initially naive about the many aspects of owning and operating an RV. I have learned through decades of ownership that there are many common problems that will show up in an RV sooner or later. By performing RV inspections, I want to help you make an informed decision about your most important recreational purchase.

Inside Dutch Star Image

My RV Inspector Credentials

Integrity is at the heart of everything I do, and I’ve also become fully certified to ensure top-notch work.

CheckmarkNRVIA Certified

CheckmarkCertified RV (certified for a complete RV inspection)

Checkmark Qualified to perform bank and insurance-required inspections and inspections required by warranty companies

My background also includes:

CheckmarkPast Co-op President of a National Restaurant Chain

CheckmarkPast Franchise Advisory Board Member of a National Restaraunt Chain

CheckmarkOwner/Operator of Multiple Units of a National Restaurant Chain


Service Area for Pacific RV Inspection Services

Our stationary inspection company works with RV buyers and sellers throughout Eastern Oregon and Southern Idaho.