When traveling or even living in an RV, you have limited space for your essentials. You’ll have to get creative storing your belongings in a safe and organized manner. RV organization is different than organizing a house because items may move around if they aren’t secured. Here are some ideas that will help your RV stay tidy and safe.

Cabinet Door Wastebaskets

In an RV, the wastebasket needs to be contained so that trash doesn’t fly everywhere when you go around a sharp corner. The best place to keep a trash bin in an RV is hanging on the inside of a lower cabinet door. You should have magnets or velcro on your cabinet doors to keep them from falling open. This way the trash will be kept out-of-sight.

Use Velcro to Keep Small Items in Place

While velcro can be used to secure RV cabinet doors and drawers, it is also handy for RV organization. Velcro can serve as an adhesive for small items like remote controls, cell phones, and kitchen utensils. Small items are easy to misplace in an RV, and this trick will keep them secured in a dedicated spot.

RV Organization With Hideaway Hooks

Hideaway hooks are great for RVs because they can be pulled out whenever in use and put back against the wall when they are not needed. Your space is limited in an RV, so even the couple of inches that a wall hook takes up is valuable. With hideaway hooks, you will have somewhere to hang your coats when needed. Then, in summertime, you can fold them up against the wall.

Pegboard in the Kitchen

Pegboard is an affordable material that comes in handy for organizing a garage, workshop, or an RV. Install pegboard on the kitchen wall to hang things like spatulas, spoons, and measuring cups.

Hanging Shoe Organizers for RV Organization

Hanging shoe organizers on doors can be used for more than just shoes. One hack for RV organizing is placing a hanging organizer with clear pockets on the bathroom door to hold toiletries like shampoo, shaving cream, and toothpaste.

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