PACific RV Negotiators

Are you thinking of buying an RV? 

Do you know that dealers and sellers of RV’s mark up their RV’s by 20-40%!

Do you not enjoy the back and forth of the negotiations. 

Let us do the negotiation for you. Avoid all the stress of the back and forth.

WHAT i can do you for you!

  1. A video of the RV you are considering. 
  2.  An evaluation of the RV you are considering, compared to what is on the market.
  3. Negotiate a fair price once you decide this is the RV you are interested in.
  4. Optional: A certified R V inspection of the RV you are considering. *


  1. Video preview of the RV you are looking at.      $200.00
  2. Negotiations to purchase the RV.                      $500.00 – (minimum)

Example of a successful negotiation

10% of the savings

  1. Example: Savings of $10,000 off of asking price, fee is $1,000. 
  2. Total cost would be, $200 video fee plus $1,000 negotiation fee. 


Service Area for Pacific RV Inspection Services

Our stationary inspection company works with RV buyers and sellers throughout Eastern Oregon and Southern Idaho.